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Earth Day, Stewardship and the Catholic Faith

Earth Day is an annual celebration of our planet and everything it does for us. For many, it’s also a day to reflect on and speak out about what we could do to make our beautiful planet even better. In the Catholic faith, it’s about protecting all of God’s creation, from the people to the […]

5 Saints Who Help Us Celebrate Diversity

  Diversity runs deep within the roots of the Catholic Church. Tracing back to St. Peter and St. Paul, we see examples of unification and diversity as they each served our Lord differently. This diversity has evolved over the years, with a growing recognition and celebration of the diversity within the Church and the richness […]

Back-to-School Prayers to Start the School Year Right

  If you’re like most of our St. Charles Borromeo parents, you spent the last few weeks of summer vacation getting everything ready for another successful school year. From helping with homework to volunteering at school, we know the everyday demands of parenting. Another important component of preparing your children to return to campus is […]

Preparing Your Child for Their First Communion

Holy Communion — or the Eucharist — is the source and summit of everything we do as Catholics. In the Catholic faith, children take their first Communion at the age of reason, which is usually at 7 or 8 years old. They receive the Eucharist, or the body and blood of Christ for the first […]

The Significance of Epiphany

The word Epiphany means “manifestation,” and the feast is a celebration of the manifestation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. This is one of the most significant moments in Christian doctrine, almost as significant as His birth and His death. Cultures around the world celebrate this feast, though different regions celebrate in different […]

Symbols of Advent and What they Mean

Liturgical seasons bring with them all kinds of religious symbols. Advent has layers of symbolism that all lead to the main event of Christmas — the birth of Jesus. It goes beyond a Christmas tree; Advent has wreaths, calendars and many different colors of candles. Learn what all these symbols mean. Advent Wreath Advent wreaths […]

How Faith Can Benefit Your Child’s Health

Children need guidance to get through life, and for many, faith is the perfect guide. Living by rules set in place by a higher authority helps children determine their values, such as compassion and honesty. Feeling at peace and in control helps with both mental and physical health. Faith can benefit children’s health in many […]

5 Ways to Help Children Find Their Faith

Helping your child learn about and understand the impact of faith on your life will allow it to become a positive force in theirs. There are many ways to help your child find their faith, and some are more effective than others. Here are a few ways we recommend guiding your child on their faith […]

April: Month of the Holy Eucharist

After the reflective period of Lent, Easter comes around, and then Catholics dedicate the entire month to celebrating Jesus’s presence in their lives. Known as the Month of the Holy Eucharist, April is a time when the Catholic Church focuses on the Sacrament of Holy Communion. This is unique to the Catholic Church as we […]

The Days of Holy Week

To mark the end of Lent, Christians celebrate Holy Week to commemorate the final days of Jesus’ life and His resurrection. Each day has its own significance and is celebrated differently. Take time with your child to help him understand the meaning of each of these days. Here is a guide to Holy Week from […]