Student Support

St. Charles Borromeo offers the following academic support for our students.

Academic Support

Catapult Learning provides literacy and math support services for Kindergarten through eighth grade students qualified through OCPS Title I.

Our SCBCS academic support team supports students in PreK through 8th grades. Students are identified for intervention services through benchmark assessments and teacher input. Individual student accommodations can be provided upon the recommendation of a licensed Educational Psychologist. Additionally, we offer Enrichment opportunities designed to complement classroom learning and boost rigor.

Student Wellness

Mrs. Sheri Damery, our licensed school counselor provides social emotional learning support to all students PreK- 8th. She tailors her 1:1 and whole group lessons to best meet student and classroom needs. Her guidance program infuses our Catholic faith and encourages students to be their very best self.

Speech and OT

Parents may contract directly with a provider that will work with the classroom teachers and pull children from class for therapy. All providers must be cleared via Diocesan Safe Environment process.