Meal Program


SCBCS has partnered with Aramark to offer a limited breakfast menu for our Orlando Catholic school students. This will be served daily beginning August 14th.

Breakfast will be served from 7:15 AM to 7:35 AM at a cost between $1 – $3.


SCBCS has partnered with Aramark to provide a daily and healthy lunch for our students.

  • Lunch portion meal sizes and prices will be available:
    • $4.00 for PreK through 2nd grade students
    • $4.75 for 3rd-8th grade students.
  • Monthly menu posted below one month in advance and on the Family Portal.
  • Parents can pay to an online account — https://myschoolbucks.com — or send in exact cash.
  • The Café Supervisor is Cheryl Thompson.
  • All snacks must be purchased daily with cash.

Questions and Concerns

Marc Pierson — Aramark Representative

(407) 293-7561