National Student Athlete Day

National Student Athlete Day is on April 6th, which is a great reminder of the importance of being active. Playing sports is beneficial to a child’s upbringing, and we encourage you to support them. From soccer to basketball, St. Charles Borromeo, a top private school in Orlando, has a rigorous athletics program that builds a mature, confident, and well-rounded individual through sportsmanship and teamwork. To celebrate this day, here are some athletic-related activities you can do with your child!

Watch a Game
Whether it’s a school game, a local game, or even the big leagues, expose your child to sports games. If they’re unsure what sport they want to participate in, watching a game will help them make a decision. In the future, our online calendar will list all of the school events that St. Charles coordinates. 

Go Shopping
Showing support for your child can be done by going shopping! Browse the internet for sports shop to get some new gear. From new sneakers to the shiny baseball bat they have had their eye on, the options are endless. They will appreciate you for nurturing their talents and recognizing all of the hard work they put in.

Get Involved
St. Charles believes that sportsmanship and teamwork are valuable attributes for your child. Therefore, we participate in and support Catholic Youth Sports, or CYS. Since 1991, CYS has been “dedicated to the development of youth athletics for the Diocese of Orlando.” Their vision is to help develop student-athletes through the exploration of their interests and help them grow both spiritually and physically. In fact, we understand that there is a spiritual component to sports because God can be found through fitness. Exercise reminds us that our bodies belong to God and that by being healthy we can serve others. Students who are interested in participating must meet certain requirements, so we encourage your child to get involved!

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