New Basketball Court for St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School


On November 1st, just after a year of fundraising, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School’s home court was officially opened and blessed by Bishop John Noonan. The entire school community along with the Morning Star students gathered by the new basketball court located behind St. Charles. Students erupted in cheers as former Orlando Magic players Bo Outlaw and Nick Anderson, along with “Stuff” led them in free throws, jump shots, and cheers.

“Recreation is not just for fun, it also helps children grow in their relationship with God and each other,” said Principal Nathan Nadeau. Up until the construction of the new court, St. Charles and Morning Star students were sharing facilities at Bishop Moore Catholic High School. “God has blessed up with the ability to play and be a part of sports,” Nadeau continued. “Without a doubt, Jesus played games as a child with his friends. Our children should be taught that our faith comes with us when we are on the court or field or competing, not hidden under a bushel. Our faith should always be visible, especially when competing in sports, for all to see and to glorify God.”

Building a Better Tomorrow: The Benefits of a Catholic-Based Education in Adulthood

14354907_1157044331036005_8449297617708132685_nThe short-term benefits of a Catholic-based education may be readily apparent; children receive a higher quality education in a faith-based environment that helps set a stable foundation for adulthood. However, you may wonder what the long-term benefits are for your children when you send them to a Catholic school. St. Charles Borromeo, a Catholic School in Orlando, has been dedicated to building a community that gives children the building blocks they need to grow into responsible, respectful adults. Here are some of the ways that our students have benefited from receiving a Catholic-based education.

Future Academic Success

Of course, one of the most important aspects of picking a school for your children is the quality of the education that they will receive. It is vital that children are able to learn and create healthy study habits that they can bring with them to college. Students who receive a Catholic-based education gain the tools that they need to succeed. They often outperform others academically—and that high drive for success will help them to succeed when they move on to higher education.

Civically Engaged

St. Charles Borromeo gives its students the opportunity for civic engagement, which they then carry into their adult life. This habit of serving the community sticks with students after they have become adults. A Catholic-based education teaches students how to resemble Jesus through serving their community, which helps to build a relationship with Him as well as build their own self-confidence—more traits that contribute to a caring adult.

Strong Sense of Ethics

If there’s one thing that adults need, it’s the knowledge and confidence necessary to handle the trials of life. St. Charles Borromeo isn’t just a school, it’s a community where there is respect fostered among both the students and the faculty. In this strong community, students are encouraged to set high standards for themselves. They are given the opportunities needed to nurture their faith and grow to be more like Him. This builds the recipe for a well-balanced adult: respectful, self-driven, and morally strong.

The early, formative years spent in school serve as the foundation for adulthood. If you want your child to grow in a faith-based community, enrolling them in a Catholic school in Orlando could be an ideal choice. We believe that students in an environment where they can work hard, play hard, and pray hard will take this knowledge with them for the rest of their lives. Please visit our admissions page for information about enrollment at St. Charles Borromeo.

After School Activities at SCBCS

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School provides students with a variety of after school activities that go beyond the rigorous curriculum.

Open Computer Lab – Every Tuesday/Thursday students can come complete projects, take Accelerated Reader tests, or conduct research.

GA Premier Junior Golf – A six week course for beginning and experienced players. All equipment is provided. The beginning levels focus on the basics and learning the rules. The higher levels work on ball positioning, making contact with the ball, controlling the ball, understanding the importance of distances, and club selection.

Band – Beginning band is for students who want to start learning an instrument. The program continues with Concert Band for those students who have at least one year of experience.  The band performs a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert and students are also able to play for our school Mass.

Chorus – The Voices of St. Charles is a chorus group. They sing at our weekly Mass, perform in the community at Holiday on the Drive, Winter Park Parade and Festival of Trees.  The Voices also perform a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.

Sports Teams – The girls’ basketball and boys’ soccer seasons have ended. Future teams will be selected for track, volleyball, girls’ soccer and boys’ basketball.

YMCA and Aftercare – These programs provide supervision for the students until 6:00 p.m.

Homework Help – Middle School teachers are available to help with make-up work and offer additional support.

Come check out the Bulldogs at Open House, Sunday, November 6th 9:30-12:30.

Grandparents Days

Grandparents Honored at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 close to 300 grandparents and special friends celebrated Grandparents’ Day, an annual favorite, at SCBCS. After celebrating Mass, the guests enjoyed short performances by PreK, Kindergarten, and First graders. Breakfast treats were enjoyed in the social hall followed by classroom visits. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to show off their school to some of the most important adults in their lives.

The Home & School Association and parent volunteers coordinated this special event from decorations to food and clean-up. The occasion also marked the 5th annual Adoptative Grandparent Program where over 15 parishioners were partnered up with students whose grandparents are either deceased or live too far away to travel. A highlight were the “goodie” bag give-a-ways to the oldest grandparent (84 years old), youngest grandparent (31 years old), most grandchildren in the school (4) and other fun questions.

Grandparents are the fiber of our roots, we want to thank them for their legacy of love, wisdom, and sacrifice.  Thank you to all grandparents who travelled near and far to join us on this very special day.