Understanding the Importance of Parental Involvement in Education

Rear view of African American father talking to teacher about school success of his son

While schools give children the tools they need to be successful, parental involvement is what helps them thrive. Students with involved parents tend to show higher school engagement, motivation, and academic achievement. One of the best things you can do for your child in school is to be involved in their education. Read on to learn more about why. 

Improved Academic Achievement

Children whose parents are involved in their learning perform better academically. While teachers are always there to help when children have questions, they’re not always comfortable asking. Having a parent at home to ask for help with homework can help students progress when they fall behind. Parents can also help their children find tutors if a particular subject gives them trouble. 

Positive feedback from parents can also help children thrive. Knowing their hard work is appreciated motivates children to continue performing well in school. While you should help your child when they struggle, you should also cheer them on when they do well. 

Communication Between Parents and Teachers

Having an open line of communication with the teacher can benefit your child in many ways. You can learn about your child’s behavior in the classroom, how they’re doing academically, and whether the teacher has any concerns. Parent-teacher conferences and progress reports can paint a clear picture of your child’s academic experience. Chances are, your child doesn’t tell you everything. Talking to the teacher can help you understand the full story. 

Involvement in School Activities and Events

Whatever your child is passionate about, one great way to support them is by being involved in their extracurricular activities. Supporting them can mean helping sell tickets at school plays, attending sporting events, and volunteering to chaperone field trips. Helping out in these ways also allows you to network with teachers and other parents, which can be a great way to be part of the school community. 

Advocating for Your Child 

One important reason to be involved in your child’s education is so you can be there if something happens. For example, if someone bullies your child, they may shy away from advocating for themselves. You can also advocate for your child if you feel they are being treated unfairly or if they end up falling behind. Being involved as a parent means supporting your child, cheering them on, and being there when they need an advocate. 

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