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Catholics are deeply intertwined with rituals and traditions that remind us of our love of faith. Children are quick to pick up some of these habits—especially if they see them at home, at church, or at school. The community at St. Charles Borromeo has seen students pick up these habits, and today we’d like to highlight a few that are commonly found in our children.

Praying Before Each Meal

Catholic children learn early to give thanks to God before a meal. And it’s become such an intrinsic habit that it doesn’t matter whether that meal is being enjoyed at home or at a restaurant. They value this moment enough to take the time they need to give thanks instead of diving straight into their delicious food.

They Possess the Giving Spirit

Catholics often give back to the community, and children raised in a Catholic environment learn how to do this from a young age. They know that giving is one of the significant ways to show their faith, whether it’s by giving to a charity or volunteering in their community.

They Put Others Before Themselves

Although, charity isn’t the only way that Catholic children try to emulate their faith. This giving spirit stretches to most other parts in their life as well. They understand that there’s no value in being selfish. It brings them fulfillment to spread happiness through supporting and helping others.

They Go to Bed Early on Saturdays

For many children, Saturday is a day where they can spend the evening playing—and maybe extend their bedtime just a little bit. This isn’t the case for Catholic children who have to wake up early the next day for Mass. Instead of staying up a little later, they fall asleep earlier and wake up ready to worship.

Overall, Catholic rituals and traditions tend to be picked up by children over time. Once these habits are formed, can be a foundation for furthering faith. Have you noticed any of these habits in your child? If you want to learn more about the Catholic education that St. Charles Borromeo provides, you can learn more on our about us page.


As a faith-filled community, St. Charles Borromeo, an Orlando Catholic school, is committed to proclaiming the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. We are cultivating responsible, respectful, trustworthy individuals who are confident in their knowledge and compassionate in His service. If you want to learn more about Catholic schools in Orlando, visit our blog page or contact us today!


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