What Movies Are Safe for Children to Watch?

By nature, people are drawn to movies because of their engaging stories, even though most of the mainstream, high-grossing films contain content that isn’t child-appropriate. St. Charles Borromeo values creating a healthy environment for children to thrive, both academically and spiritually. And watching wholesome movies is one way to help children stay focused on faith. Here are a few tips for finding a child-friendly film.

Avoid Flipping Through Channels

We absorb a lot of unwanted information from TV, from inappropriate shows to dull commercials. By cutting out TV, you can immediately remove a plethora of media that isn’t family-friendly. That doesn’t mean you have to cut out movies entirely though. Instead, you’ll have the ability to cultivate the type of entertainment that is wholesome for your children.

Check Movie Ratings

Rating systems aren’t perfect, but they’ll give you an initial clue as to how child-friendly the film is. Movies rated G and PG are generally safe for children—although it’s always worth checking the fine print to see if there are additional mentions of content that may not be safe for your child (i.e., mild language or brief violence).

Find What Moral Lessons Are Present

Every story has a theme. Some movies, while not inherently about faith, may have a subtext that brings your child closer to following in God’s footsteps. For example, themes surrounding family, friendship, and putting others before yourself are a great way to raising wholesome children. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to look online and see what underlying meanings are present in the film.

Visit a Catholic-Focused Review Site

Some movie sites, such as Decent Films, offer a glimpse of a film from a Catholic point of view. These reviews can paint a picture of the moral and spiritual value of a film, as well as whether the story is safe for young minds.

Use these tips to aid you in your search for a movie that the whole family can enjoy—and spend some time afterward dwelling on the movie’s themes and how you can relate them to your everyday life. And, if you’re looking for more environments where your child can grow spiritually, consider enrolling them at St. Charles Borromeo. We believe that students should work hard, play hard, and pray hard—whether it’s in the classroom or at home. If you’d like to learn more about our curriculum, you can visit our about us page.


As a faith-filled community, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School, an Orlando private school, is committed to proclaiming the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. We are cultivating responsible, respectful, trustworthy individuals who are confident in their knowledge and compassionate in His service. If you want to learn more about private schools in Orlando, visit our blog page or contact us today!

7 Signs Your Kids Went to Catholic School

Parents choose to send their children to a Catholic school so that they have the opportunity to get a quality education while also being able to grow spiritually. The long-term benefits are clear; children in Catholic schools often grow up to be respectable, responsible adults who follow His word. As an Orlando Catholic school, St. Charles Borromeo has seen this first-hand, but we’ve also noticed a few other fun, tell-tale signs that a child has attended an Orlando Catholic school.’

  1. K-8 is Called “Grammar School”
    St. Charles helps each student live up to their full potential academically. That includes making sure that everyone has a basic, fundamental understanding of how to read and write. Catholic schools may be jokingly called “grammar schools” as a result—but students enter high school and, later, college with the ability to write well.
  1. Class is Like Family
    It’s difficult to know everyone who attends a public school. A Catholic school like St. Charles, however, has much smaller class sizes. As a result, children often grow up around the same classmates. They know everyone else in their class, and there are no strangers.Mass is Attended
  2. Twice a Week
    Children in Catholic schools know that they’re not going to attend mass just once during the week. They’ll often go twice—once at St. Charles, and another with their family.
  3. Days Always Start with Morning Prayer
    Catholic school students know that a day can’t start without morning prayer. They begin every morning with their thoughts focused on Him.
  4. They Memorize the Bible Through Songs
    Music makes it easier to retain information—including Bible stories. Students, when they need to remember something, often turn toward a song. And they probably even know a dance that goes with it.
  5. They’re Always Explaining Catholic School to Their Friends
    Children who don’t go to Catholic school may have false impressions of what it’s like. And Catholic school students are often debunking myths, such as “every teacher is a priest or nun.”
  6. They Love Their School and Friends
    At St. Charles, the faculty and students foster a culture of respect. Students learn early how to care for each other and their school—and that turns into them truly feeling as though they are a part of a tight-knit community. And that sense of community will stay with them even into adulthood when they look back and think of the great memories they made at school.

As an Orlando Catholic school, we love seeing how a Catholic education can have a positive impact on students. We also love accepting more students into our community. If you’re looking for a Catholic school for your child, you can learn more about St. Charles Borromeo through our about us page.

Fostering the Growth in Your Child’s Relationship with God

Parents want to see their children grow up to be the best that they can be. This means that living up to their full academic potential is a priority—but that spirituality, and fostering a relationship with God, is equally as important. St. Charles Borromeo, an Orlando Catholic School, is dedicated to helping our students grow academically and spiritually. We believe this spiritual growth should be reinforced at home. We would like to give you a few simple ways that you can help foster your child’s relationship with God.

Nightly Prayers
At the end of the day, young children may be tired or lack the attention span to pray. However, this is a great time to help them refocus on God through prayer. Instead of jumping straight into prayer, ask them: What are they thankful for today? Is there something they’d like to tell God today? This will help them to think about their spirituality and be more invested in bedtime prayer.

Choose Faith-Filled Movies and Books
Children love stories, but if they’re forced to read or watch tales that they’re not interested in, they may start to resent engaging in these forms of entertainment. Luckily there are many movies and books that children often enjoy—for example, the movies “Noah’s Ark” and “The Prince of Egypt,” as well as stories in the book, A Children’s Bible. Let them choose which story they want to hear, and they’ll be more interested in its message.

Teach the Joy of Giving Over Receiving
Part of fostering a child’s relationship with God is helping them learn how to follow in his footsteps. One way to do this is to teach them to help others who are less fortunate. As we start approaching Christmas season, give them a small budget to buy a toy that they can donate to another child. Or, encourage them to donate one of their own toys that are in good condition.

Children learn fast. Building a strong spiritual foundation when they’re young can help them better follow God as they grow to be responsible and respectable adults. As an Orlando Catholic school, St. Charles Borromeo helps to form those important spiritual building blocks in students by incorporating faith into our academics. If you’re currently looking to enroll your child in a Catholic school, you can visit our about us page to learn more about what we offer.

Fun Family Faith-Building Activities to do on the Weekend

Spending time remembering Him with family is important. Although, between work and school, it can be difficult to make time during the week for other family faith-building activities. This makes the weekend an ideal time to pull the family together for fun, faith-filled activities. St. Charles Borromeo, an Orlando private school, cares deeply about the spiritual lives of our community. We would like to share a few fun ideas for faith-building activities that you and your children can enjoy over the weekend.

Begin With Prayer

The heart of your faith begins with prayer. When we start our day remembering the Lord, we prepare ourselves to continue to follow and trust Him throughout our day. Once your family has woken up refreshed on a Saturday or Sunday, take a moment to pray as a group. Starting your day thanking Him for his blessings will help your family strengthen their overall spirituality, as well as remember to be thankful for all that you have.

Donate Time to a Charity

Serving others in the community is a great way to follow in His footsteps—and it’s something the entire family can enjoy. Look up local charities with your children and find one that you feel invested in. Then, dedicate some time over the weekend to helping that charity. You can introduce others to His love by being an example through good works.

Use Catholic Media

Of course, we don’t need to be attached to our cell phones, and some apps can be addictive and even dangerous—but not all media falls into this category. There is plenty of wholesome Catholic media available that can help bring your family closer to Him, such as apps for daily readings, prayers, and reflections. For example, you could follow along with a daily reading and discuss passages with your loved ones.


Jesus’ sacrifice for us is always something to celebrate! When we spend time remembering Him, we need to do so with joy. Saints’ Days and Church Seasons are excellent times to plan some special time celebrating with family, while still staying focused on remembering Him.

This weekend, spend some time doing a faith-filled activity with your family in addition to Sunday Mass. These moments strengthen the bond you have with Him and with each other. As an Orlando private school, the community at St. Charles Borromeo acknowledges that spiritual growth is as important as academic growth—and we aim to help our students strengthen both. If you’re looking for a private school for your children, please consider visiting us. You can learn more about our school and values on our about us page.

Keep the Kids Learning Throughout Summer Break

Children enjoy summer vacation—that time of the year when they can finally relax without having to think about textbooks. However, avoiding learning for a long period can put them back a few steps educationally. During summer vacations, children often forget some of what they’ve learned the previous year and miss opportunities to further their learning. At St. Charles Borromeo, an Orlando Catholic school, we have a few tips to help your child continue to learn throughout the summer—without boring them with textbooks.

  • Bring out the Legos.

You don’t need to put away these blocks or other building toys once your children have grown older. Both boys and girls benefit from playing with building blocks, as this involves motor awareness, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Plus, they’ll enjoy exercising their creativity while creating buildings from their imagination.

  • Read everything.

Encourage every opportunity for your children to practice their reading skills. Anything age-appropriate, from fun comic books to restaurant menus, will help them continue to enhance their reading abilities and expand their vocabulary. Audiobooks can also be an excellent way for them to enjoy a story and learn more new words.

  • Discuss movies.

After relaxing with your children while watching a great movie, take some time to encourage them to think about the movie. Ask them what they did or didn’t like, discuss the movie’s themes, and encourage them to think about the reasons why characters acted the way they did. To add more creativity to the discussion, ask them to come up with their own ending to the movie.

  • Encourage their passions.

Everyone, both children and adults, enjoys learning about subjects they’re interested in. Try searching for age-appropriate materials focused on your children’s favorite subjects or hobbies. Field trips, magazines, or games can be a great way for them to learn without feeling like they’re learning—and they’ll have fun pursuing the topics that interest them most.

As an Orlando Catholic school dedicated to student’s educational and spiritual growth, the St. Charles Borromeo community believes that students should work hard, play hard, and pray hard—and that includes summer break, not just the school year. As you can see, encouraging your child to continue learning through their summer break can be fun and enjoyable. By the end of the summer, they’ll be ready to start the new school year without taking any steps backward educationally. We hope you and your family have fun learning this summer!


Why Choose St. Charles Borromeo If Your High School Students go to Bishop Moore Catholic

St. Charles Borromeo is an Orlando Catholic school that prides itself on guiding and developing the faith of children for over 60 years. St. Charles is a PreK3 through 8th grade school committed to providing children with a successful academic experience intertwined with a faith-filled community. We promote responsibility, respect, and learning among our students while integrating the growth of their knowledge and confidence in Him. If you’re looking to enroll your children in the lower grades and you already have older kids that attend Bishop Moore or will be attending Bishop Moore in the fall, the choice to select St. Charles is clear. Here are a few reasons to choose St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School in addition to Bishop Moore, so you can combine convenience with academic excellence.

Easy Pickup

St. Charles and Bishop Moore are located on the same campus, so they are extremely close to each other. This makes for convenient and time-saving necessities such as picking up each of your children in one stop. Rather than driving to a whole other location, if your child attends St. Charles and Bishop Moore, picking them up has never been quicker and easier. There will be no need for carpools and rushing around worrying if you’re going to make it on time to get each child.

Nearby Games

If your children play on sports teams, the close location also comes in handy. Forget driving to separate locations on game days and trying to juggle all of their gear. Nearby games are another advantage of having your children attend these two schools that are in close proximity. Everything will be even more seamless if the games are hosted after school. You won’t have to worry about missing one game to see the other; you can be a part of both!

Less Stress

Overall, with your kids all in one vicinity, it will result in less pressure and stress on you on a day-to-day basis. You won’t have to rush around and try to keep everyone’s different schedules organized because every event will be next to one another. You’ll be able to attend more things and be hands on with each of your children. Each child will be getting a stellar education and an opportunity to worship within the faith community.

Choose to enroll your child in St. Charles Borromeo, a reputable Orlando Catholic school, and you’ll appreciate the closeness of Bishop Moore Catholic too. There are many advantages of having your children all nearby while also learning in a healthy environment. Visit our website to learn more about our values, enrollment, and upcoming events on our calendar!


4 Ways to Experience Science

Science can be an enjoyable learning experience for the whole family and not one that happens exclusively within a classroom. Our motto at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School, a private school in Orlando, is work hard, play hard, pray hard—so we’d like to share a few fun, educational ways to experience science in the community, as well as share two science experiments you and your children can conduct at home.

Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science Center has been a classic exhibit in the Orlando area for sixty years. This family-friendly center contains four floors of exhibits that educate and entertain. You can also watch a movie on their giant, domed screen. The entire center is indoors, so there’s no need to worry about a normal rainy afternoon ruining the fun.

Science Fair

St. Charles’ eighth grade class will be showing their science fair presentations on April 25th from 12:00 – 2:30. Come out and enjoy the hard work that our students have put into this event! We’re proud of our students and what they have learned, and we hope you’ll join us in viewing these presentations. Many of the presentations will also be viewable at the HSA meeting on the evening of the 25th.

Create an Egg Geode

At home, you can use eggs, salt, food coloring, and water to create beautiful crystals. First, crack an egg as close to the narrow end as possible to use as a container. Then, rinse the eggshell in hot water and fully remove the egg membrane from the inside of the egg. Line an egg carton with wax paper, put the eggshell in the carton, and set it aside. Next, boil water in a saucepan and pour ½ cup into a heatproof container. Add ¼ cup of salt to the container and let it dissolve. Keep slowly adding salt until it stops dissolving in the water. Add food coloring and then pour the mixture into the eggshell, being careful not to add so much that it tips over. Finally, put the shell in a safe place. The crystal will form as the water evaporates.

Create Colorful Flowers

Changing the color of water will result in changing the color of a flower; all you need is water, food coloring, and a white carnation. Pick a food dye that’s your favorite color and add it to a glass of water. You’ll need more than a few drops to create a strong color. Snip the last centimeter of the carnation’s stem and place it in the colored water. After a few hours or days, the carnation will absorb the color of the water.

We hope you enjoy partaking in these events and experiments with your family! As a private school in Orlando, we at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School believe it’s important that learning is as fun as it is educational. Please have fun with these experiments and we hope to see you for our Science Fair on April 25th!

Celebrating Easter & Holy Week

Holy Week & Easter are quickly approaching. This is a time bursting with family traditions meant to remember and celebrate Christ’s suffering, death and Resurrection. While coloring eggs has been a common way to observe the holiday, there are other traditions a family can adopt to celebrate and help children understand the significance of this time. At St. Charles Borromeo, a Catholic school in Orlando, we want to take this time to remember Him and share some ways that you and your family can also celebrate.

Holy Week

Eggs can be used for more than just coloring; planting seeds inside an egg shell can send a strong message about the power of new life. Take some time with your children to fill eggshell halves with soil. Rest these halves in an egg carton and then plant seeds in them. Marigolds or petunias work well. Place the carton in a sunny window and guide your children through nurturing this new life.

Also, consider setting aside some time on Wednesday of Holy Week for housecleaning. This custom stems from the Jewish tradition of cleaning before Passover. Many countries partake in this practice, cleaning every inch of their home so everything is neat and tidy in time for Easter.


On Easter morning, consider attending a sunrise service such as the one under the Pines at Bishop Moore Catholic. Or, perhaps you could attend the beautiful Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday which will allow you to take some time on Easter morning to spend in worship with your family. You can pack a picnic lunch and spend some time outside with the family, everyone enjoying eating and celebrating the Resurrection.

Many also have a tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter day. This is meant to be symbolic of the days when new converts were baptized on Easter. For their baptism, they wore new white clothes that symbolized their new life. If you choose to partake in this tradition, it may be a great opportunity to share the history of the custom.

There are many ways to celebrate Holy Week and Easter. Which traditions you and your family adopt are up to you. Adopting traditions gives the family something to look forward to each year, as well as refocus everyone’s attention on the most important subject: His Resurrection.

The St. Charles Borromeo community is excited for this time of celebration and remembrance. If you’re looking to enroll your children in a Catholic School in Orlando that addresses their academic and spiritual needs, consider visiting us. You can find more information about us and our values on our about us page. We wish you and your family a happy Easter!

School Culture: A Major Reason to Choose St. Charles Borromeo

When you’re researching Catholic schools in Orlando, one of your concerns may be whether the school has a culture that addresses its students’ educational and spiritual needs. Both the faculty and the students at St. Charles Borromeo work together to create an environment where every student is given the opportunity to succeed and grow to be responsible, respectful adults. If you’re looking to enroll your child in a Catholic school, consider some of these factors that St. Charles Borromeo can offer.


Education should be the central focus of every school, but what makes St. Charles Borromeo different in how it delivers a quality education? We believe that each student is a unique child of God with their own individual strengths and educational needs; not every student learns in the same way. We work hard to give students the tools they need to succeed academically, as well as promote a sense of responsibility in our students so they have the foundation necessary to persevere later in life.


At St. Charles Borromeo, we believe respect between faculty and students is critical for creating a healthy learning environment. Academic success grows from positive relationships between faculty and students. Mutual respect is a key factor in lessening behavioral disruptions in class, developing feelings of self-worth in students, and achieving academic success. We work better when we work as a team.


Students at St. Charles Borromeo don’t only experience a quality educational environment; they also see their spiritual needs attended to. Faith values are integrated into everyday life at St. Charles Borromeo. Our faith-filled community raises students in His word, giving them opportunities to learn about Him and devote time to serving their community. This integration of faith-filled activities helps students to follow in His footsteps and gives them a strong foundation to continue in His service later on in life.

At St. Charles Borromeo, we want our students to work hard, play hard, and pray hard. We are honored to be able to work with so many great students who can later move on to be responsible, respectful, and trustworthy adults due to a solid foundation early on. In your search for a Catholic school in Orlando, consider our dedication to our student’s educational and spiritual needs, combined with a healthy environment formed by mutual respect between faculty and students. If you want to learn more about enrolling your children at St. Charles Borromeo, please visit our admissions page. We look forward to meeting you!

Preparing For The Annunciation

The Annunciation is an important event that, as an Orlando Catholic school, we at St. Charles Borromeo would like to take the time to remember. Let’s take a few moments to look back on the moment of The Annunciation and the reasons why it means so much to us.

Annunciation is a fancy old way of saying “announcement,” and what a huge announcement this was; The Annunciation celebrates the day that Gabriel announced to Mary that she would birth the Son of God. This day is usually celebrated on March 25th, nine months before Christmas. This is meant to be symbolic of the length of a pregnancy.

While the announcement itself is important, what we can learn from is Mary’s complete trust in Him. She does not doubt Gabriel when he announces her pregnancy. Instead, she asks how such an event will occur. Although she is legally married, she is still a virgin, and, considering the nature of her question, it may be implied that she is assuming she will have a virgin birth. Gabriel explains that all three Persons of the Trinity will make the birth possible—nothing is impossible with God.

This is not an easy thing to accept or agree to. The pregnancy could tarnish Mary’s social status and potentially strain her relationship with Joseph. Others would assume that her pregnancy would have been caused by unfaithfulness. This task would certainly bring her suffering, both known and unknown. She could anticipate the stress on her social status, but she had no way of knowing that the Crucifixion of her child was yet to come. Despite this, Mary entrusts herself entirely to God’s will. Through God, she had free will to choose her own path, and she chose to trust in Him.

As we approach The Annunciation, let’s remember the strength that it took for the Virgin Mary to trust in God so completely. Let’s remember the struggles thereafter that led to our salvation. And, in our day to day lives, let’s do our best to emulate that level of trust and devotion in His plan for us.

As an Orlando Catholic school, St. Charles Borromeo attends to the spiritual needs of our students so they can learn to trust in Him. If you’re looking for a faith-filled school that prioritizes both educational and spiritual needs, please consider visiting our community. You can read our about us page for more information about our community and what we stand for.