Science Fair Preparation and Ideas

The science fair at St. Charles Borrom
eo, an Orlando Catholic school, is on February 19th! This great event is hosted by schools worldwide and allows your child to compete in science and technical activities. To help her prepare, here’s a list of project ideas she can do!

Backyard Biosphere
Is it possible to create a biosphere? In this backyard biosphere experiment, your child will create an ecosystem that can survive with animals living in it to test the plausibility of developing a sustainable environment that is closed off from the rest of the planet. Grab a clear container, soil, grass, a flowering plant, a ceramic bowl, water, a microscope, and slides and follow the procedure!

Center of Balance
Suitable for grades fourth through sixth, this physiology project can help your child find out how to locate a person’s center of balance. Is it easier to balance on a narrow ledge or on a  rope if a person is holding their arms out? To find out, all your child needs is a rope, a meter stick, three meter sticks taped together, three meter sticks taped together with five-pound weights attached to the ends, a stopwatch, and a friend to help. In just a few steps, your child can understand the nature of gravity!

Anaerobic Energy
Humans use two types of energy systems: aerobic and anaerobic. This health science experiment will determine an average person’s ability to use their anaerobic power system and increase their capacity over a period of two weeks. The only materials your child will need is a timer and a few willing participants! 

With just a few materials, this Earth and space science project allows your child to observe the gradual formation of stalactites and the reverse buildup of stalagmites. Learn about evaporation, gravity, and minerals. You’ll need Epsom salt, black poster board, tape, scissors, four drinking glasses, black yarn, four washers, a ruler, a small pot, a spoon, and a logbook!

Solar System
To understand if the distances in the solar system are proportional to the distances in an atomic system, this physical science project can help. With just clay, a tennis ball meter stick, and a few willing participants, your child will have the opportunity to analyze and conceive the solar system and atomic structures a little better!

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