Three Ways to Show Your Children Affection This Valentine’s Day

While parents show affection to their children year-round, Valentine’s Day is a special time devoted to reminding our loved ones that we care. St. Charles Borromeo, an Orlando Catholic school, values the important relationship between parents and their children. If you’re wondering how to show your children you care this Valentine’s Day, here are a few options that can put smiles on their faces.

Be Spontaneous

It’s easy to get into the habit of telling your children you love them before you tuck them into bed, but are they used to hearing it at other times of the day? Try reminding your children that you love them at a time that they might not expect, such as during dinner or when working together on household chores. A little bit of surprise affection can stand out in their minds.

Be Unique

Not everyone shows affection the same way. Don’t despair if your children squirm over extra hugs on Valentine’s Day—there are other options to show you care that are fun for the both of you. If your children enjoy telling jokes, spend some time listening and sharing a few of your own. If they enjoy arts and crafts, then dedicate the evening to working on a Valentine’s Day project together. They’ll appreciate the time you spend with them doing things that they enjoy.

Enjoy a Family Event

If you and your children don’t feel like spending Valentine’s Day indoors, consider looking into a family-friendly event in the community. This could be a great opportunity to spend time and deepen your bond with your children, as well as create some wonderful lifetime memories! For Valentine’s Day, St. Charles Borromeo is hosting a Daddy-Daughter dance on February 11th. It will be an amazing time to dress up for a fun night to remember!
Every day spent with our children is special, so let’s take some time this Valentine’s Day to let them know how important they are. Whether you remind them that they’re loved or take them out on a night they won’t forget, your children will appreciate the time you spend caring for them. Also, if you want to make sure that they get the quality education they deserve at an Orlando Catholic School, please visit us at St. Charles Borromeo. We value our students and their futures, and we are dedicated to giving them an education that targets both their educational and spiritual needs. We hope you and your children have a great Valentine’s Day!

Serving the Community During the Holidays

christmas-tree-1808558_1920Thanksgiving and Christmas are quickly approaching, and it’s time for the spirit of giving. Although your children are likely eagerly awaiting their Christmas break, it’s important to remind them the importance of giving back to the community during the holiday season. St. Charles Borromeo, a Catholic school in Orlando, presses the importance of giving back to the community. We would like to share a few fun ways that you and your families can be a blessing to the community this season.

Find a Giving Tree

Giving trees are a great way to brighten up another child’s day. Find a giving tree in your area, and choose a child’s name off of the tree to give a gift. You can make a fun day out of taking your family out to find that perfect gift, and you will also be teaching your children to look out for others who may not have much to look forward to on Christmas day.

Host a Christmas Dinner

Do you love to cook? If so, you and your family could be a blessing to others in your church. Consider hosting a dinner for widows and widowers who may not have many loved ones to spend the holidays with. The fellowship shared during a large dinner can be a great time for everyone involved.

Donate Clothing

Orlando doesn’t see the harsh weather of northern states, but we do see a bit of a temperature drop, and there are many individuals who don’t have enough clothing to stay comfortable. If you and your family have clothes collecting dust in the closet, it may be time to clear them out and donate them to your local shelter. Those clothes will find a good home with those who need them this season.

Donate Food

It’s difficult enough not to have proper clothing, but it’s a tragedy to not have food on the table. This time of year, many grocery stores offer ways to donate food to your local food pantry. Take a moment this season to donate a bag or two to those in need. If you want to donate directly to your local food pantry, take a moment to call them first. They will be happy to tell you which items are currently needed the most.

Never forget that Christmas is the time of giving. As we celebrate the first coming of Christ and await His second coming, there are many opportunities available to give back to the community. Also, keep in touch with St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School as 2017 approaches. As a Catholic school in Orlando, we foster a community that is dedicated to serving our community throughout the year.