5 Tips for Making the Most of Catholic Summer Camps

As a parent of a Catholic school student, you may be sending your child to Catholic summer camp over the summer. After all, it’s a great way to keep them focused on faith during their break from school. These summer camps can be great places for children with similar beliefs to connect and form lifelong […]

5 Key Benefits of Faith-Based Education

Families send children to religious private schools seeking a better educational experience. However, they may not know about the many reasons why children are often better served going to faith-based schools. Children learn so much beyond their classroom lessons and have plenty of opportunities to thrive academically. Read on to learn about some key benefits […]

Exploring the World with Virtual Field Trips

At the height of the pandemic, when travel was all but impossible, famous landmarks around the world began creating virtual tours and experiences. Many of those virtual tours can still be taken for free today. On a weekend when you don’t have other plans, taking a virtual field trip with your child can be a […]

Developing Spiritual and Character Values at School

Catholic school has something that’s missing in many public and private schools: an emphasis on faith and character development. Children outside of faith-based schools learn academic lessons in school, and they learn social skills through interactions with other students, but they aren’t inherently taught how to become the best version of themselves. Catholic schools have […]

Helping Your Child Embrace Catholic School Traditions

Faith-based traditions inform Catholic education. Even as these schools grow and adapt to modern times, there’s something to be said about how Catholic schools stick to their roots. As a parent of a Catholic school student, you may wonder how to balance the academic and Catholic aspects of your child’s learning experience. Here are a […]

Teaching Principles of Love and Compassion in the Classroom

Catholic schools combine rigorous academics with spiritual teachings, allowing students to learn about love and compassion as part of a well-rounded education. They learn how to love themselves, each other and God. Catholic school campuses are filled with staff and faculty who are committed to helping students understand and spread God’s love. Here are some […]

Making Lent More Meaningful for Your Child

Long, boring, devoid-of-treats: these are a few words a child might use to describe the Lenten season, at least until it leads to the inevitable anticipation of Easter candy. Without understanding the context of Lent, your child may not find this liturgical season all that relatable. As a Catholic, you know how important Lent is, […]

5 Saints Who Help Us Celebrate Diversity

  Diversity runs deep within the roots of the Catholic Church. Tracing back to St. Peter and St. Paul, we see examples of unification and diversity as they each served our Lord differently. This diversity has evolved over the years, with a growing recognition and celebration of the diversity within the Church and the richness […]

Catholic Schools Week Returns to St. Charles Borromeo

  It’s that time again — time to come together with our families to celebrate Catholic Schools Week, Jan. 29 – Feb. 4! This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” These three essential aspects of Catholic school help build our culture and prepare our students to become faithful stewards in school and beyond. […]

Getting a New Start in the New Year

Getting back into the swing of things can be very challenging for children after Christmas vacation. We understand the anxiety that faces our students as they return to their studies. As parents and educators, our goal is to help them transition smoothly and successfully while continuing to develop better study habits, enhancing their skills, and […]