Aftercare Program

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School in Orlando partners with the YMCA of Central Florida to provide educational and recreational based aftercare programs to serve the student population in grades 1-8.

The Y After School Programs at St. Charles Borromeo school, nurtures the potential of every child. At the Y, children are cultivating the values, skills, and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health, and academic achievements. Students in the YMCA program will receive a small snack, followed by Homework time and then supervised activities (structure sports, art education, STEM, Global Learning, etc.) through-out the day.

SCBCS also offers age specific aftercare for students in PreK 3 – Kindergarten in room 102 next to the courtyard playground.

Both programs offer a minimum 18:1 ratio of staff members to students in a safe and nurturing environment.

Aftercare fees are per child per week and are as follows:

After School 3PM – 6PM (2PM on Wednesdays), snack provided

The program fees are $42 a week per student with a onetime registration fee for afterschool (covers student insurance) of $12. A reduced rate of $26 a week per student would be applicable for the two school weeks of three days or less (March 26-28 and May 29-31).

Payments are due bi-weekly, every Wednesday with a check, credit card (YMCA only) or Money order.

Families that have a student in both programs may go to the PreK3 – Kindergarten (Room 102) program and request the older student(s) at the YMCA program be released or walked over from the YMCA program to them. Alternatively, parents may wish to visit both programs to check out their students. Parents may not go to the YMCA program and request that the PreK3 – Kindergarten student be brought to the YMCA program.

Emergency Drop-Off

Students who are not picked up by 3:30 p.m. (2:30 p.m. on Wednesdays) from regular dismissal or after an after school activity (such as sports, band etc.) will be brought to aftercare. There is a $10 per day per student charge for emergency Drop-Offs. This program should be used only for emergencies when parents/guardians are not able to pick up at dismissal times. After three emergency Drop-Offs per trimester, students who come for a fourth or more will be automatically registered and charged the full weekly rate ($42). The end dates for the trimesters are November 3 and February 16. This goes for both the YMCA and PreK3 – Kindergarten program. Student’s attendance will be tracked monthly.

Program Name Weekly Rate (per child) Program Details
Afterschool Weekly $42.00 Registered students are in program from St. Charles dismissal time to 6:00pm, Mon-Fri.
Short Week $26.00 This program rate is only offered for 3 or less open days at St. Charles Borromeo: March 26th – 31st; May 29th – 31st
Emergency Drop-off $10.00 per day This program is only used for emergencies when parents/guardians are not able to pick up at dismissal time. Student attendance will be tracked monthly. Parents who are frequently late for dismissal will be automatically registered for YMCA and charged our weekly rate, after the 3rd use of emergency drop off.
Holiday Camp $135.00 Offers a fun, safe and welcoming environment all-day for students when St. Charles is closed. Nov. 20th – 22nd , Dec. 18th – 22nd, Apr. 2nd – 6th
Payments are due bi-weekly, every Wednesday with a check, credit card or Money order. There is a one-time $12.00 registration fee for each child.

School Days Out (holidays or non-school days) 7AM – 6PM, meals not provided

If enough students pre-register, Holiday Camp will be offered on non-school days. Weekly rates are $135 per week. Daily rates would only apply when a weekly rate is not being offered.  The daily rate is $35 per day.

The possible dates for weekly holiday camps are as follows: Nov. 19th – 21st , Dec. 19th-21st, Mar 18th – 22nd.

The following phone numbers may be used to reach aftercare staff:

On-Site Program Coordinator
: Shaneen Hermantin
YMCA (1st – 8th grade) hosted in Room 112
School # 407-293-7691

After school hours # 407-896-9220

Program Director for YMCA: Mandy Dihal
YMCA off-site director

Director: Debbie Saunders
PreK 3 – Kindergarten program (Room 102):
School # with Ext: 407-293-7691 x237

Discipline Guidelines

  • All school rules apply.
  • Behave respectfully and courteously toward all staff and students.
  • No toys from home.
  • Electronic devices (cell phone, electronic readers, etc.) are not permitted. 5th – 8th graders may use their school iPad for school work only. Once school work is completed, the iPads must be put away.

Illnesses & Accidents
All emergency information must be on file with the director through the Plus Portals System. First aid will be administered for minor accidents. Medication will not be given unless a written statement from the physician detailing the method, amount, and procedure for distribution is on file in the school clinic.

Sign Out Procedures

  • Parents, guardians or drivers authorized to do so on the Alternate Pick-up Authorization section of the Online Application Form must sign out the student(s) on the Aftercare attendance sheet.
  • Individuals not listed on enrollment forms will not be allowed to pick up students without the written consent from parent or guardian.