5 Benefits of Learning How to Play an Instrument

Music is a timeless art that has shaped the world throughout history. Children should explore this art form and learn from the many lessons it teaches. Learning how to play an instrument gives children a fun new skill that can expand their minds in multiple ways.

Encourages Hard Work

From the piano to the violin, each instrument takes time, energy, and effort to learn. Adjusting to the muscle memory of an instrument or learning how you shape your fingers to make the perfect sound doesn’t come easy. When children learn an instrument, they find out what it means to take time to focus on bettering themselves. Beethoven didn’t write a symphony right after he picked up the piano. Learning and understanding music takes time and dedication. This is an important lesson for any child to learn, and it becomes all the more rewarding when they reap the benefits of their effort and practice. 

Expands Memory

Studies have shown that learning music helps improve cognitive functions like memory. Playing an instrument is a complete workout of the brain that pushes children to absorb and retain more information. They have to memorize finger positions, notes in their sheet music, and the musicality of a piece. This benefits them in other aspects of their life and encourages their brain to process more information. 

Reduces Stress

Music therapy is a well-known practice, so it’s of little surprise that learning an instrument can ease children’s anxiety. The repetition of strumming a guitar or playing keys when engaging in new music has been shown to release dopamine. This is a very healthy way for children to manage their emotions like anger or anxiety. Music has a soothing effect that provides children with a moment of peace in their busy lives. 

Improves Academics

While music may be an art, it also helps children improve in many areas of academics. Music and math are closely correlated. Understanding rhythms and meters can help children better understand math as a whole. Music theory helps children better understand how to divide and recognize patterns. Music also helps with reading comprehension. Reading music is often akin to reading a new language. Exercising that muscle can benefit children with understanding literature in their classes. 

Explores Creative Expression

One of the most important benefits of learning an instrument is engaging children in the act of creative expression. Music is a wonderful form of self-expression. Children get to understand and connect with their emotions through the music they play. When children engage in creativity, they turn on their critical thinking skills and become more aware of the world around them. 

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