3 Ideas for an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Earth Day gives us an opportunity to bring awareness to our Earth’s environmental state and how we can do our part to preserve it. Getting your kids involved in conservation can be challenging, so we’ve come up with three different scavenger hunts that will educate and entertain your kids. 

Sketching Checklist 

Doing a sketching checklist scavenger hunt is an easy way to get your child out in nature. You can do this activity at a local park. First, provide a checklist of things to find and sketch. For example, they can draw what the clouds look like or they can write down the different things they hear. You can instruct them to feel the bark on the trees or to pick flowers. This helps them to use all of their senses, which makes for an engaging sensory experience. Getting out in nature this way will be fun and exciting for your child. For a free printable to complete this activity click here.

Collecting Objects

Finding objects in nature is another scavenger hunt activity that will teach your child about the different systems in nature. Your child will collect items like sticks and leaves. Another activity would be to look for worms under rocks; this will teach your child about how insects make their homes in nature. Looking for small mammal homes, but not disturbing them, will educate your child about how animals in nature make Earth their home, just like your child does in their home. This is an activity that will get your child up and moving and engaged with the environment. For a free printable to use for this activity click here.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is a great way to get outdoors with your kids. Being outdoors will help them learn more about the environment in a hands-on way. To complete this activity, drive out to a place in nature that has different terrain from your normal setting. Create a list of 10-15 items for your child to take photos of, such as flowers, trees, or bodies of water. Give your child a camera phone or a disposable camera to capture the photos. At the end of the scavenger hunt, you can create a scrapbook with your child. This type of scavenger hunt can keep your child entertained while educating them about the Earth! 

Earth Day is a time to bring awareness to preserving and being thankful for our Earth. That’s why our Orlando Catholic school located in the Catholic Diocese of Orlando encourages children to learn about how they can do their part. Our staff is committed to proclaiming the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. We believe in teaching the whole child and want students to love learning, helping them grow into well-rounded, contributing members of society. Learn more about us by contacting us here.