Preparing Your Child for High School

mother and girl graduating

High school can be an overwhelming step for children, especially if they feel unprepared for what’s ahead of them. You can help them get through this process so that high school becomes an enjoyable experience rather than a place they dread going to every weekday. Whether your child decides to continue Catholic education or moves on to a magnet program or public school, there are steps you can take to encourage your child during their transition. Here are ways you can help ease the stress of moving on to high school. 

Plan School Visits

When it comes to choosing a high school, there are many options, and none of them are one-size-fits-all. If your child needs some help deciding where to go, consider taking tours at different schools. Some schools offer virtual tours, so you can get a feel for the campus from the safety of your home. Once they choose a school, make sure to attend orientation with them. See if you can bring them to school performances or fairs on the weekends before they graduate. Look into extracurricular activities the school offers, and encourage your child to get involved in ones that interest them. 

boy studying at desk with notebook and computer

Enhance Their Study Habits

Even if your child breezed through elementary school and middle school classes, they may find high school more challenging. Take these final days of eighth grade to help your child create the perfect study space. Find a quiet area free from distractions, and add tools like planners, labeled binders and calendars to help your child get organized. Help them set aside time for studying so they’ll be used to it when high school comes along. Make sure your child continues reading over the summer, and encourage them to brush up on past lessons so they’ll be caught up when they start school. 

Communicate Openly 

One of the most difficult things to do with a teenager is have a serious conversation. Try to keep communication as honest and open as possible, even if it’s uncomfortable. Ask them about their experiences, and don’t accept one-word answers. Ask about what they learned, who they spent time with, and what they enjoy or don’t enjoy about school. Keep this habit up going into high school so they’ll know they can turn to you. Listen to what they have to say, and ask how you can help. Encourage them to come up with their own solutions, and offer advice only if they seem stuck. This will also help them become independent, which is an essential part of growing up.

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Set Goals

When your child starts high school, they’ll be in a whole new world full of opportunities, and it can be difficult to stay focused on what matters. The goals they create can be educational, like keeping certain grades or getting into AP classes, and social, like joining a club that’s relevant to their niche interests or helps them get more involved in the community. Encourage them to come up with new goals each year so they always have something to look forward to in the future. 

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