Teaching Your Child About Friendship

There are so many valuable lessons that your child can learn from making friends. St. Charles Borromeo, an Orlando Catholic school, wants to help you teach your child how to be a good friend. It’s an important life skill your child should explore now, as it will help her develop not only socially but emotionally too. 

Talk About It
Start by telling your child what it is to be a good friend. Traits include being trustworthy, loyal, helping a friend when they are having problems, cheering them up when they are sad, keeping in touch, remembering birthdays, and more. Share a story about your childhood best friend and the ways that person brought joy to your life!

Lead By Example
Do you have a good friend in your life that plays as an example of a good friend? Your child looks up to you and mimics what you do in your life. Showcase that friendship and let your child know what makes it special. On your friend’s birthday, make them a card and have your child help. When neighbors move in, bake pastries with your child and take them there. It’s the little things that count!

Friendship in Films, TV Shows, and Books
Find books and movies that include plots about friendship — like friends overcoming difficult situations. For younger children, search stores for books like “How to Be a Friend: A Book About Friendship,” or “A Friend Like You” about Squirrel and Bird who are very different and strike an unlikely connection. For older children, the Harry Potter movies and books present many friendship lessons. Now, with the release of Disney+, your child can choose from a variety of options! Disney movies are all about friendship.

Role-play situations where someone may need a friend. Perhaps your child’s friend got a low grade on a test and you explain to your child how they should comfort them. Or teach them acts of love, such as sharing and compromising, which are the qualities that make friendships work.

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