Keep Your Child Busy at Home

Adjusting your child to social distancing can be difficult because you’re scrambling trying to find ways to keep your child entertained. But there is still plenty to do! St. Charles Borromeo, one of the top
private schools in Orlando, has ideas to keep your child engaged while being home all day.

Make a Routine
An important thing to remember is the importance of routine. Schools know all too well about this. Your child is used to having a schedule. Create a calendar of what the days will look like. Keep her busy and learning, while you focus on the work you need to do. Use the framework that the school uses, including snack time, recess, and breaking the days into blocks for each subject.

Play Time
It’s not all about schoolwork. Play time is just as important for your child’s routine and energy levels. Designate times for important things like school assignments, then fill up the rest of the day for play. Dedicated child-led play should be about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your child’s age and development.

Inside Activities
It would be easy to just give your child a phone or tablet to play on, but she won’t get much stimulation out of it. You can cut down screen time and create a fulfilling experience! Some fun tech-free ways to keep your child engaged and entertained include:


  • Create a game box: Fill up a box with items your child can play alone, including puzzles, coloring books, and cards. Give your child a box when she wants something to do, and you’ll be on track to a good routine.
  • Design a treasure hunt: Hide items all around your home. Then, give your child clues that will push her to go on a hunt!
  • Let her help you: Give your child a job she can handle. Make it a big deal so she feels important, which builds her confidence and independence. For instance, she can help you cook or clean and even make a card to mail to grandma.
  • Grow a garden: Quarantine gives us the time to start (and complete) house projects we have been putting off, including growing a garden. You can start it outside in the yard, or simply give your child an indoor plant to look after.
  • Conduct a science experiment: Give your child a science experiment every week to keep her busy and engaged. A backyard biosphere experimenting gives your child a science lesson and outdoor play!

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